Some Important Tricks and Techniques that make difference in Food Photography

Photography is an intricate proposition with so many facets and avenues to explore. Take for instance – food photography. It is so very different from the other types of photography that are practiced. We, Light 4 Flash is one of those companies, which come up with food photography in Singapore.  This is specialized job and demands involvement of specialized professionals who have mastered this special art.

Though these services can be availed by anyone, generally businesses that run chains of restaurants and hotels avail this service and utilize those amazing food photographs in promoting their businesses. Now, what is so special about food photography? In other words, what special techniques and tricks are adopted by Light 4 Flash, which make us so unique? Let us.

The Tricks

Food photography is not just about placing a plateful of food and snapping its photo. There are a lot of technicalities involved and successful food photography is all about mastering those techniques. This is where the food photographers at Light 4 Flash make the difference. A trained and experienced food photographer knows how to make the food look enough appetizing with the use of right angle, focus, lights and shades, distance from the lens, backgrounds, use of props, color correction and a lot of other techniques. Also, our professionals know the right items to take photos of, as not every food looks that appealing in photos. For instance, if the client needs a photo of a tomato, the dish and the background need to be absolutely light to create that contrast, taking into view the color of the tomato. There should be enough light to underline the sheen of the tomato, and in order to add some extra sheen, a layer of glycerin can be covered uniformly on the entire tomato.

Clever use of Props

Props play an extremely pivotal role when it comes to food photography. A food stylish would accessorize the main dish by including certain items so as to compliment it in the optimal way. In the realm of food photography, an image of a bowlful of white ice cream might look good, but not outstanding enough to add that awe-inspiring effect. However, placing a few small bowls full of sparkling red cherries, nuts, and whipped cream along with hot fudge will add a scintillating edge to the entire photograph, making it really attractive.

Using light to create that desired mood

Lights, like in any other type of photography can make a world of difference, though in a different and unique way. It is absolutely imperative to get the lights right and this is what these professional food photographers look into, with the right use of stand-ins rather than using the actual food. This is important to ensure that the food that is being photographed looks as fresh in the image as it can be. Textures can also be created with the use of specialized lighting techniques, and creating an overall appetizing effect that will leave everyone drooling!

So all these techniques are mastered and utilized by our professional photographers that come up with food photography in Singapore. Light 4 Flash is where you should look for , with some of the best food photographers in our kitty, who come up with some jaw-dropping photos of the most palatable dishes and foods from all around the world. Our fascinating photographs go a long way in helping restaurants and hotels to attract foodies in huge number!

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