Some Guide on food photography for the business owners

Food photography is a type of photography that specializes in taking pictures of food items. This type of photography may either be amateur or professional depending on who will be utilizing them and for what purpose. Both have their place in the world but for a business owner it is worthy enough to know the difference.

What is Amateur Food Photography?         

“Amateur” might not necessarily describe the skill level of the person taking the picture, but instead the final outcome of the shot. Namely, poor lighting conditions, lack of emphasis on subject and style, less resolution of pictures, the evident lack of realization of fundamental photography principles among others.

In general situations, people generally utilize more amateur images. Some situations comprise of twitter tweets, Instagram pictures, and social media postings. Utilize them only when professional quality is not the rule.

Now let’s discuss about professional food photography          

Being called professional implies a better standard of expectation. This is the photography type that your business deserves. Let’s go through a couple of simple aspects that takes amateur photography into the professional sphere. Moreover, we are not defining the person behind the lens but instead the actual spot.

1. Professional Shots are with proper light

Not necessarily extra bright, even the darkly lit shots may be considered proper. What I want to say is the light is intentionally crafted and shaped on the subject to accomplish its purpose. Then again, the keyword here is “intention”.

Suppose your intention is to make a picture of the menu card of a fast food restaurant. Something neat and simple for clarity! The photographer can then decide from this purpose. He can put the food front and center under bright lights on a plain white background. There are more choices or approaches to be considered, but this is definitely something that works.

2. Professional shots are composed and properly styled

At this point, in the field of food photography Singapore, everybody is aware of the term” Rule of Thirds”. Along with the “Golden Ratio”, these two are strong tools. One good tip when it comes to food photography is to take a photograph like you are looking down on it on your plate. This perception, make you feel like you are about to bask the food and bring it closer to you.

Most of the food photographers work with the food stylist as there job is to ensure that the food looks good. Proper lighting can’t turn a bad subject into good. You have to make sure that people will crave for your food when they see it.

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