Food Photography

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When speaking about different pictures of foods, unlike other types of photography, an awesome digital food photographer is planning to stimulate the various senses. Therefore, it isn’t sufficient to generate a photograph that is just artistically beautiful.

While providing for food photography service, we maintain a simple backdrop to make sure that the food remains the centre of attraction. Cleared skills or gently designed or plain whitened paper is utilized to help in emphasizing on the look.

Our meals digital photographer frequently utilizes 1 zoom length and experiment with different types of angles. They look for more creative shots rather than the predictable ones where placement shots should look greater. Using a camera entails that they can experiment with the things they like.  Our packages start from S$50 per dish. Speaking of capturing the pictures of the food, Light 4 Flash can click much more speedily in respect to our competitors.

We love to proclaim ourselves as food photographers and we are really good at it. No matter it is a regular photo shoot or the one at your kitchen or office, we can make awesome photography happen for you. We snap foods for various projects-menus, catalogs, websites, product packaging, cookbooks. With our reasonable rate as mentioned above for a full or half day photo shoot, our services will surely suit your budget. Our professional services will make your food products and recipes glow.

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Light 4 Flash is a full time Singapore based photography team. Food photography is one of the many services we offer. Personally, we love food. Hence, we also love taking pictures of food. If you have a restaurant in Singapore, we can offer you the best possible photography service with respect to food to promote your business and make the mouths of your customers savor before even they reach your place.

Our years of experience make us take the best pictures of food. Since we are a full time business, we can assist you by offering the best pictures of the foods we offer. You will be able to entice your customers more with the food pictures we offer.

Browse through our photo gallery and check out the quality of pictures we offer. You will get a clear idea about our abilities. Dull pictures may turn off your customers and make you stagger for business. If you want to gather more information about our services, get in touch with us today. We would love to speak with you regarding all your photography requirements.

We are capable of managing all the facets of photography with an unparalleled and innovative style. We provide professional restaurant food photography for clients to share all over the social media with their family and friends in a very cost efficient manner by utilizing non-invasive promotion for your restaurant. All the images are captured in an ideal format, which allows the pictures to be used for various media comprising of custom food photographs.

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