Fashion Photography

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Every fashion magazine is full of glitter and glamour, with photographs of hot models deployed all over the pages. With each page filled with models beautifying latest range of accessories and attires, you may be curious to know the names of the photographers that are responsible for taking such becharming and impacting images. Singapore is truly a fashion hub. By going through the pictures in a magazine, you can realize the precision level, technical knowledge and knowledge regarding the utilization of light, trends, and colors that are required in fashion photography Singapore. It is a genre that is dedicated to display stylish accessories and clothing and is mostly used for fashion magazines and promotions. Our Photographers in Singapore develop and utilize their own artistic sense through innovative photography, develop images in which fashion and clothes are improved by the presence of accessories, backdrops or exotic sets. There are different online advertising agencies that work with professional lifestyle photographers like us.

As an advertising and fashion photographer, Senejani has worked on a wide array of projects with international clients, magazines and fashion brands from all across Europe and Asia.

Singapore is such a multi-aspect place that you can’t help but notice and feel the versatile energy of the crowd as you move from one place to another. Right from the clueless tourists to shopping centre’s young fashionistas, from high heels to business district’s suits, to the uncles and the heartland’s home aunties- These are the subjects of our recent fashion photography projects. Rather than just taking photographs, we create something special.

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Light 4 Flash works on all the aspects of fashion photography. Senejani has developed a bird’s eye for beauty and detail to the subject of the photographs he clicks. His technical know-how with an aesthetic eye gets reflected in the quality of his photographs and digital post production that he frequently does himself. He has ample experience in different kinds of fashion assignments. In fact, we specialize in fashion photography.

Life is truly a celebration. The laughter that broke out heartily from a shared joke about the couple, the quiet anticipation of the restless model as she poses every moment to boast here different attitudes, the pride in their faces as they flaunt like a star inspire us to serve you better. If you are looking for fashion photography in Singapore, you must be looking for moments where you wish the time stops. There may also be moments when you will feel a tug in your heart and wonder if anybody saw that also.

Having an eye for details and passionate about fashion photography, Senejani’s sincerity to the people across him gets reflected in his pictures. The photographs we offer are truly aesthetic and will surely fulfill your purpose. We have experience in working on diversified projects. If you are looking for personal portfolio, then also this is the best place for you. If necessary, we will also go miles ahead to fulfill your requirements according to your budget.

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