Enrich Your Memories With The Best Pre Wedding Photos

The main focus of the wedding album falls on the photos taken on the day of wedding. Everybody knows that capturing of photography is for reminding the past events and feeling the nostalgia after so many days. Again, you can capture photos to review the moments passed away before a few days. The person cannot enjoy themselves when he is in the center of attraction. Photography enables you to watch the events happened past, and how he is dressed and enjoyed with others. Besides wedding photos, the pre wedding ceremonies also demand a great enjoyment for everybody. So, capturing the images of the ceremony also keeps your memories bright with romantic exuberance. Light 4 Flash always assures you the best quality wedding and pre wedding photography in Singapore.

The ceremonies observed before marriage

Pre wedding ceremonies contains lots of celebrations. You have bachelorette and bachelor party, engagement party and some other ritual and cultural ceremonies. No other parties are as enjoyable as the parties arranged with the friends of the groom, and the friends of the bride.

Bachelorette and bachelor party

The friends of the bride are invited to the bachelorette party and enjoy their best. Singing, dancing and lots of entertaining events have been arranged to make the day memorable. The time becomes perpetual by the snapshot of our best photographers specialized in pre wedding photography. We never allow a single moment to pass always unnoticed.

The bachelor party also is the trend among the friends of the groom. Along with a great feast, the friends enjoy a lot with the boy getting married. The enjoyment among the friends knows no bound. They enjoy life to the lease. Who does not want the special moment to make more special by capturing some shoots of photography? We, Light 4 Flash are beside you to eternalize all the entertaining events in our camera!

Engagement party

This is really the most romantic event ever before marriage. Here, the family members of the bride and groom remain present at this ceremony. The boy and the girl get permissively engaged from that day. The coyness and the romance in the face of the girl while getting engaged never come back again. So, you need to call us to capture the image which will become the romantic asset for the last part of your life.

In this way, pre wedding ceremonies demand a huge romance that can be the best reminiscence for your life. Our expert hands always capture the best images identifying the perfect time of the photo shoot. So, visit us, choose us and enrich your memories with classical pre wedding photos ever!

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